A Walk to Forget

There are few moments of self-awareness more potent than when you’re sitting in a university study space on a Saturday afternoon, mumbling across the table to your friend that in Accounting 312, the budgeted flexible budget is the more budgeted budget of the budgets. Running on inadequate sleep and from a verifiable Statistics 371 crisis, … More A Walk to Forget

tired out

Things are especially colorless in the winter. The sky is a mournful gray, the windows a bleak mist. Even the cars parked outside seem washed out, their typically distinct hues dulled and blurring together. I prefer to sleep right through these types of mornings—or mornings in general, really. I’d like to do away with mornings—but … More tired out

hand it to me

The one time circumstances actually call for me to conjure up embarrassing memories, my brain fails me. You’d think that since it has no problem organizing extensive slideshows of those moments to project onto my inner eyelids on the cusp of sleep, it could at least contribute something. To the assignment, I mean. In English … More hand it to me