Can the Pit Be the Pits

In resolving to put more energy into relationships this year, I now realize I should’ve specified what kind of relationships I meant—specifically not ones involving inanimate objects. I’m referring, of course, to the Pit, a giant excavation project outside my apartment window to which I’ve become rather disturbingly attached. The Pit’s existed in its gaping … More Can the Pit Be the Pits

A Group Chat and Alleged God Complex

I’ve said before that one of my favorite pastimes is committing my future self to obligations I’ll regret, and now I’ve got the perfect accompanying anecdote. After my accounting final on the 15th—the last possible day for university finals—and a post-final “celebratory” dinner with friends, during which I not only encountered the travesty that is … More A Group Chat and Alleged God Complex

Taking Anti-Action

A friend of mine joked yesterday that I only keep her around because she does enough stupid things for the both of us. People only have this misconception because I make an effort to a) exhaust my stupidity quota around strangers and b) be relatively private about said stupid actions, namely refraining from bringing all … More Taking Anti-Action