getting schooled

Last week, I wrote about a strange dream I’d had, in which I did uncharacteristic things including but not limited to: tackling a guy with a gun, shooting my cat with said gun, and actually running for more than two minutes without collapsing to the ground and begging for the sweet release of death. It’s … More getting schooled

Not Dead

You might not believe this, but I actually didn’t forget about/lose interest in this blogging thing this time. I remembered! A little too well, in fact, seeing as I couldn’t stop thinking about how I already blew my intended bi-weekly schedule before I even started. So I’m really here because of the guilt. Not because … More Not Dead

Why I’m Here

Well, summer’s ending. I had to find a way to continue procrastinating on work that should have been completed months ago. That’s why. –Warning: if you’re allergic to serious things, you should probably skip the rest of this entry. I promise the next one’ll be less so.– I had a blog a long time ago, but … More Why I’m Here