Lobotomize Your Darlings

A phrase writers like to toss around is “kill your darlings,” which references the need, during revision, to nix even the parts of your work you’re most attached to if they’re not advancing the piece. Saturday—since I’ve already committed to this horrible stretch of an analogy—the “darling” in question was a disturbing-looking pumpkin and the … More Lobotomize Your Darlings

Butchering Zoodles: It’s Gourmet If You Have Low Standards

Considering that the last “culinary” mishap I documented was “Cooking Crystal with Nicole,” a 2016 effort at redemption from a childhood crystal-growing crusade, and before then, the 2014 microwaved hot chocolate explosion–“What if hot chocolate just wants to be called beautiful chocolate?”–I think it’s evident Nicole Sundays isn’t a cooking blog. (Not that I really … More Butchering Zoodles: It’s Gourmet If You Have Low Standards

The Lasagna Thief

To this day I’m still unsure whether I love lasagna because I read too much “Garfield” or if I liked Garfield because I strongly identified with the urge to shove my face in a family-sized pan of layered pasta and fettuccine, but as neither option says much about my emotional/physical well-being, I’m inclined to ignore … More The Lasagna Thief