Just Dance

Yesterday, at 5:57 AM, I awoke to the foreboding weight of responsibility settling onto my abdomen. Something about that seemed off, but what exactly felt wrong eluded me in my sleep-addled state. I pried my eyes open… … And found my cat perched on my still form, kneading away. So, the same exact thing, really. … More Just Dance

9 Signs Your Cat No Longer Respects You

  Our school doesn’t have advisory periods (time set aside each day for teachers to talk about how to deal with life), so we compensate with a monthly advisory program, which usually consists of a thirty-minute session of prewritten discussions, PowerPoint slides, and nonresponsive children. A group therapy session, basically. Anyway, last time, we discussed … More 9 Signs Your Cat No Longer Respects You

dream on

Today, I spent the last minutes of my morning (I woke up at 11:30 AM) in bed trying to make sense of things. I’d had the strangest dream—beating out the one I’d had last week of being Ellen DeGeneres’ spy sidekick juggling the draining tasks of stabbing henchmen, refusing to become an organ donor, and … More dream on

Feline 68?

Today’s update isn’t so much about me as it is about my frustratingly mysterious cat. This idea to dedicate a post specifically to her—whom I have mentioned in earlier posts one or twenty-five times— spawned a couple months ago, but it probably would have never seen the light of day had it not been for … More Feline 68?