The Toilet of Shame

When people ask what my greatest fear is, I usually say failure or something just as uninspired, but that’s not entirely true. I actively avoid failure, but to say that I’m terrified of it would pose logistical problems because there are mirrors everywhere. What really haunts me is my ever-present fear of clogging the toilet. … More The Toilet of Shame

why I “hate” tall people: a dis-concert-ing experience

Before we dive into my deep-seated height issues, here are some stats. The average female’s height is around 5”5 (or 163 cm, in countries that actually make sense). As far as I know, I’m 5”7 (170 cm). So yes, technically, I hate myself, too. Anyway, I say I’m 5”7 “as far as I know” because … More why I “hate” tall people: a dis-concert-ing experience