Who Am I?


Things I am not terrible at

1) Speed eating

2) Avoiding responsibility

3) Pretending to know things

Five More Unnecessary Facts

1) I have Hitchhiker’s thumb. This is the only cool thing about me, and it’s not even that cool.

2) If you are alive, chances are I crave your approval.

3) I rely heavily on self-deprecating humor.

4) I regularly post on Sunday evenings, the time when master procrastinators such as myself feel the most alive.

5) I go through so many life crises that, to simplify things, I have begun to regard my entire life as one big crisis.

6) I can’t count.

127 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Great read! Your self deprecating humor is real. I could relate to this humor in so many ways lol and it’s how a lot of us choose to heal or at least deal, with life’s turmoil. It’s nice to relate! 🙂

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  2. Hi there, quirky!
    I find the way you described your self adorable!
    Author Georg Büchner wrote something along the lines of ‘my future is so bleak, I am starting to develop an interest’
    Good on you for keeping up the spirit of others!
    and thanks for liking my post.
    Visit me again on blaustift! the ‘hamstring incident’ shows what happens when you are clutching at straws that both bend away from you. 🙂
    See you around!

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    1. Hi there, you kind soul :’)
      By the sound of it, I think I’d really like Buchner. Or we might actually be the same person–you never know.
      You’re welcome! I did enjoy that rooster picture even though I didn’t quite understand the caption…


      1. GAQ! is roughly the sound a chicken would make – a German chicken would go ‘gack’, an English one would rather ‘cluck’, I would have needed a different acronym then.
        Gesund (healthy) Artgerecht (appropriate husbandry/animal welfare) Qualfrei (without distress/agony).

        The other, brighter and more posiitve button image of the chicken doing the victory sign is against building a new huge chicken farm, the locals being concerned about traffic, harmful side effects to the countryside, soils and contamination, resulting health problems…
        One of the towns concerned is called ‘Schweinrich’, “Schwein” meaning pig or hog, the town could thus be roughly translated as ‘hogsville’…that’s where the watchhog originated from. Really like the wee fella, despite arrested developmental stage as a sketch.

        Currently working on some bees.

        Where are you hailing from?

        Are you following Blaustift or one of the other blogs? I am never sure how this works, Blaustift is the blog most likely to have any new illustrations.

        have a funny side up day!
        catch you later


    1. The time I spent analyzing this cryptic comment (wait, does this mean we’re both at higher risk of developing Hepatitis Everything??) could have probably been better spent on more productive things, but I regret nothing.
      Thanks for commenting!


    1. Funny, I get that a lot–the “are you me” thing, I mean.
      It’s probably because it’s true. I am you. In fact, I am everyone. Therefore, Nicole isn’t my real name because I have everyone’s names.
      Although, you would think that I would’ve chosen a better pseudonym than “Nicole.”

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  3. Girrrlll– I don’t really care for cats so I can’t help you with the whole “why did I thing”. Now about your blog… it’s awesome. You liked a post on my blog which led me to you and I’m glad that it did. Now I can hang out at my leisure! Thanks for the follow and keep up the good work!

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  4. Sunday !!, Sunday, !! Sunday !!!!!

    refers to an obsession you have … that you are not aware of … for drag race commercials that you heard starting on Friday (friday friday!) for drag races on Sunday Sunday Sunday !!… now do you remember? ks


  5. oh .. sorry! i misunderstood … i have no idea why a cat wastes its telekinetic powers on a hot fudge sundae when it could be using it to open a can of mariners catch pate’ cat food while its person is gone overnight and forgot to leave enough food in its bowl … yeah!… that’s it !… right? ks


  6. i really love that Paul Johnson quote, give yourself more credit though.The authenticity on here is more than most of us ever wrote or could ever write.
    This is a great blog and totally deserves to be followed.

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  7. Haha Nicole, your blog and posts crack me up! Can’t wait to read more of your posts on a Sunday, as I too am a Sunday procrastinator. Actually, I lie. I’m an all week procrastinator and reading/writing blogs are my vice! As for why there is a cat using telekinesis on a sundae in a header titled nicolesundays? Well I like to curl up like a cat on a Sunday thinking about sundaes wishing that I had the telekinetic ability to bring it from the local ice creamery to my lounge chair…I think it makes perfect sense!

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  8. You liked one of my posts recently and I decided to take a look through your blog. Your titles are very catchy and I am looking forward to going through your blog and like one, two or more of your posts. 🙂

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  9. You know what, I’ll take a swing at this picture. *cracks fingers*

    If there was ever a fact that was more true than say, gravity, or that Mondays suck, it would be that cats are evil. Even cat owners accept this fact, they love them anyways because they like to live on the edge. Now with that in mind, we can safely assume that cats would like to take everything that is good away. I’m sure that some poor bloke was eating that delicious sundae and that cat is just being a douche canoe.

    Reason Why You Have It: You’re obviously using it as proof that cats just want to watch the world born.

    I enjoy your blog, I’m happy I ran into it. I hope you have a wonderful time in your future blogging.

    We both also have 311 followers, which I think is pretty cool…well you now have 312. Which means your winning in this fake competition. *sigh*


  10. Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog (Retired, Not Dead) and liking the new piece, “Jazz Hater.” I’d been really stuck for a while in getting something new posted and so I appreciated the response. I think we may have the same kind of sense of humor so I’m looking forward to reading more of your stuff. Thanks, again.

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    1. Hi Jacob! That’s a great idea and I’d be happy to–just curious, though, is there a reason why you’re picking June? And what happens in later months? That’s a lot of friends!


  11. Something attracted you to my blog. I appreciate the look you gave it. I hope that you continue to read my stories of growing up/growing and my memoriesofatime–and my weekly supplements/academic musings. Congratulations on the graduation. You write well.

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  12. Loved every word–and I readily confess I was drawn to the ice cream sundae…though not even getting the connection to Sundays….I’m not really that dull-witted, but put food in front of me and my brain shuts down temporarily. I love what you said about life crises–why not economize and roll them into one–I LOVE IT!!

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  13. Hello, Nicki!

    You write well and your sense of humor is is most enjoyable. Thanks for visiting my blog/liking my most recent post/leading me back here. All best wishes for your continuing growth and success in the blogosphere!

    Jay Pochapin
    USDA Certified Organic and Pretty Much GMO Free

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  14. Your blog is such a joy to read! Even posts about trivial matters are filled with insights and witty observations. Thank you for being such a delightful being!

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      1. ONE hitchhiker’s thumb?? I can’t believe you one-upped the only interesting fact about me by halving it!
        Also, you are incredible. Thank you so much–you made my day/night/week/time is a social construct!


  15. My goodness, how charming and clever you are! (But I already knew that, didn’t I?) Thank you for leading me here; I am two posts in and already smiling. I feel that life is a series of crises, too.
    Delightful humour and storytelling, and yet to come across stupidity; wonderful writing!


  16. I love your Who Am I section. I’m going to take a crack at your header because I haven’t read your past comments — and why not? Anywho I’m going to take a guess and say: Cats can be lazy and the cat in particular was trying to attract some good food like a sundae (on a sunday) without having to move or get up? Lol.

    I’m enjoying your blog thanks for having this up!

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  17. Hi,

    A few moments ago I sat down to work on my fiction writing blog and wondered if you’d like me to link to yours? On the sidebar I’d like to help other bloggers writing about issues and subjects of interest to LGBT folks by listing ones I read. Please shoot me back an email if this is of interest to you.

    My blog is a way that I enjoy honing my fiction writing. I started it after the BP oil spill here off the coast of Louisiana. I just needed an outlet, perhaps that’s best way to put it.

    We had hurricane Katrina back when The L Word premiered so, I never watched it while it was on air and loved and hated by many, but when I was looking for an escape from the oil spill blues, I watched it on Netflix (years later) and found it (flawed) but entertaining. Then one day the character, Bette Porter, flew in my mind and had a host of opinions about things. She narrated my thoughts for a few minutes. It was a clue to me that I could write her and have a good time doing it.

    That explained, my blog is well written fiction stories that are sexy and now, with a new series on it, I’m using Bette Porter to lambast Trump and his circus. I had never heard of fanfiction until someone told me that what I writing! My sexy, amusing fiction stories may be too lowbrow for your readers, but I’d happily post a link to your blog, if you are interested.

    Bye for now,

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    1. Hi! Sorry for getting back to your comment so late–I didn’t see this until now. I don’t currently link to any blogs on a sidebar like you do (maybe in the future, but not now); if you’re still willing to link to mine, I would definitely appreciate it, but I understand if you’d pass because you wanted the link reciprocated. Have a great day!


      1. Oh Gosh, I’m following your blog, as you know, and because I’ve added a few I don’t see your logo. I’ve got to fix that, which means looking up how to do it… Stand by!
        Have a great afternoon!


    1. Again, so sorry I didn’t see this earlier! I unfortunately haven’t done awards (on account of never remembering to complete them until it would actually be offensive to do so), but I did check yours out and loved the entertaining questions. Congrats on being nominated(:

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