How I Wasted 2017: Blog Highlight Reel

Because so many of my memories call for repression, I often have difficulty—especially in the year’s dying breaths—recalling anything significant I’ve done over the past twelve months. The ensuing highlight reel, I hope, will make recalling my significant accomplishments of 2017 less difficult by setting forth concrete evidence that they don’t exist. Have a look at this year’s stupid endeavors on which I chose to waste my time instead.

  1. Created a mini photo series of moments that had me questioning my life choices
  2. Had the most entertaining and terrifying email correspondence with That One Professor
  3. Caught the serial no-flusher on my dorm floor… kind of
  4. At last, forgave myself for being a cat person
  5. Came up with increasingly ridiculous birthday presents, like a ginger gift basket for my ginger friend and a party to celebrate another friend’s birthday without him
  6. Exercised that one time
  7. Ate the chicken and wasn’t even sorry
  8. Accidentally became a security threat
  9. Learned the place of bowling in corporate America
  10. Expressed incredulity at how I’m not yet a master photographer
  11. Eavesdropped for a school assignment and have yet to live it down

2017, you were an odd one. Here’s to the new year.


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Last post: The Lasagna Thief. Really like this one but it was too recent to include on the reel. Also check out the New Year’s Eve-ish posts I’ve done in previous years!


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