Looking for Alaska, Sort Of

You’re supposed to tell people you love them because life is short and you never know what’ll come tomorrow. Which is why, in the spirit of living in the moment, I’m passing on outwardly expressing honest emotion to my loved ones and instead heading to Alaska this week to see glaciers before they’re gone forever. I’m aware that glaciers couldn’t care less about my presence, even if I do thoughtfully turn off lights for them, but I feel a kinship with the cold, indifferent, and dramatically-crumbling-to-a-death-that’s-swift-and-prolonged-at-once type.

cracking glacier, nicolesundays
I figure I might show some solidarity, you know?

This post is less of the usual anecdote and more of a shorter update. It’s more difficult to let you know about the big things when I only draw from minute instances each week, and I need to preemptively explain my potentially spotty updates for the rest of the month.

So, yes. I woke up at 3:30 AM today to catch a flight to Vancouver, where I’m writing this post now. (What makes up for having to start my day so early: Vancouver’s the homeport for my cruise to Alaska and is also home to people so nice they cheerily wave pedestrians across rather than making as if to run them over. Some truly newfound stuff.)

I know you’re not advised to announce you’ll be out of town in case people come rob you, but considering my cat is holding down the fort in my absence, I don’t think I need to worry. It’s not that I believe she could physically hold her own against a robber. That hope was pretty much put to rest once I noticed how she cozies up to complete strangers (though, to be fair, she could be trying to sweet-talk someone into helping her escape. I guess that would actually be less sad.)

I’m thinking more along the lines of The Ransom of Red Chief. If you’ve never read that short story, it’s about two criminals who kidnap the son of a rich guy but end up finding their captee such a pain in the ass that they pay the kid’s father to take him off their hands. The parallels are striking. Cat accepts only the freshest water. She positions herself in front of your feet as you’re walking for a literal guilt trip. She constantly sits equidistant between my mom and me because she can’t decide who to bother. One time, a gecko practically scurried across Cat’s paws and she just turned to me like “are you going to deal with this, or what?”

cat vs gecko - nicolesundays

Basically, Cat’s incompetent at being a cat. However, considering what I’ve accomplished in Vancouver within twelve hours of landing—dressing for weather twenty degrees lower than planned, falling for imitation totem poles, considering Tim Horton’s to be signature Canadian cuisine, walking all the way to an aquarium before realizing I had to pay, and missing a bus stop by several miles, struggling to be let out—I haven’t much room to talk.

But that’s another story, or stories, about which I can’t wait to write… Except, right now, people outside the hostel window are screaming in time with a foghorn, and I really need to figure out what’s going on.


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11 thoughts on “Looking for Alaska, Sort Of

      1. We did a cruise, so visited the usual spots – did some awesome side trips – whale watching, took the train to Canada, visited old towns and gold-mining sights. Names escape me, but I’m sure you know the spots.

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