15 Things I Need to Get Better At Doing This Year

  1. Estimating the distance between my toes and the edges of furniture.
  2. Remembering not to engage my cat in staring contests because SHE HAS A THIRD EYELID. And also no morals.
  3. Trusting that the garage door is closed.
  4. Trusting that there is, in fact, no one behind the shower curtain.
  5. Combining my 30+ passwords into one.
  6. Acquiring life skills.
  7. Not eating while stressed or while recovering from a four-course meal.
  8. Not constantly imagining different scenarios in which I could die.
  9. Not investing so much into fictional characters.
  10. Finding a sleeping position from which I can wake up with functioning limbs.
  11. Not unintentionally eavesdropping on the conflict-resolution meeting two blonde girls are having at the Starbucks table next to me, even if the conversation starts with a promising “It was two shots of vodka, and I only hate you because…”
  12. Making excuses. I need to make more interesting excuses.
  13. Not feeling obligated to finish boring YouTube videos.
  14. Not blaming others, which, I feel the need to mention, is a habit I could only have inherited.
  15. Leading a more interesting life. I mean, deep down, a part of me wants to go back to school, if only for its wealth of blog material.

19 thoughts on “15 Things I Need to Get Better At Doing This Year

    1. Sometimes, if it’s really late, I can barely look myself in the eye in the mirror because I’m afraid I’ll see something I don’t want to. I’m starting to think I need a minimalist bathroom. Just white space, you know?
      (Thanks for reading!)

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  1. OMG how glad I am to know I am not the only one who needs to make a change about #9.. I spent 3+ hours , while at work, yesterday understanding the Dalkes.. why I don’t know, I don’t even watch Dr. Who!

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    1. Ah, but I’m giving up unintentionally eavesdropping. This year, I resolve to intentionally fish for material from unsuspecting strangers.
      And I don’t doubt it! Your blog is one of the very first I subscribed to, which is probably obvious from the fact that I quoted you in my follow box. When I got your follow notification (thank you so much!), my mom thought I was asphyxiating on my own spit and nearly crashed the car. I don’t know where I’m going with this. Point is, I’m honored.


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