do you ever get tired of sleeping?

I had difficulty coming up with today’s topic, but not for lack of material. I haven’t written about the secret hairy cat, nor the purple pencil pouch that has made me cry actual tears (TWICE), nor the toilet of shame. It’d make for interesting material, I’m sure, but the truth is, I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for such discussion. This blog is public, after all—in the interest of what is left of my dignity, I’m not letting myself post about the aforementioned incidents.

… Maybe wait a few days.

What I can talk about right now is what caused all that (and just about every other bizarre thing that has happened to me over the past month): sleep. Or actually, lack thereof.

I know pretty much every teenager has this problem, but hear me out.

Take yesterday for example. Saturday. I stayed up until around 2AM, a feat in itself considering how I had no homework and therefore no excuse. I have this mindset that it doesn’t count as “late” as long as I don’t acknowledge how late it is.

Clock: 10:30 PM

Me: What a good, healthy time to go to bed. If I sleep now, I can be fully rested and maintain optimum cognitive function. I think I’ll go reorganize the contents of my flash drive, pen a twelve-stanza poem with internal rhyme, and manually transfer all my email contacts into my new phone.

Clock: 1:45 AM

Me: *looks away* And backpack across Europe. I need to backpack across Europe.

This, of course, never bodes well for me the morning after.

Me: I wonder why I accidentally wrote an entire cause-and-effect essay instead of a change-over-time essay like we were supposed to.

Me: I wonder why I just grabbed four forks and a spoon from the dispenser, considering how I only ordered a bowl of nachos and was not planning on acquiring enough cutlery to feed a small country.

Me: I wonder why, upon returning from the bathroom, I forgot what period it was and almost actually left school.

LTFMTA¹: Maybe it’s because you’re tired?

Me: That can’t be it.


Me: *yawns*


¹: Less Than Friend, More Than Acquaintance (see “small talk” post)

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