no chill

I woke up at around 3:30 in the afternoon, which I hope will explain the irony of this post’s timing.

In the month and a half period (have mercy on my soul) since my last update–to put it simply–things happened.

… I was sorely tempted to end the post right there just to exercise arbitrary power, but then I realized that doesn’t work unless you have a mass following of loyal fans.

Anyway, things happened–many of them unfortunate, most of them too boring to share.

For one thing, I’ve had this cold. It showed up uninvited around the beginning of football season, and I just never got the chance to oust it in the midst of staying up late/standing out in ungodly weather at ungodly hours/snarfing truckloads of junk food.

Let’s revisit mid-October for the full experience.

So the PSAT (a national standardized test) was on October 15th. To get an idea of how it felt like outside the morning of, picture seamless gray skies, dewy grass, and bitingly cold wind. We still had practice as scheduled because our drill team has no chill. (Pun sort of intended.) Because I forgot to bring extra pants to wear over my Wednesday practice outfit, I had to roll around a wet field in shorts. I was soaked, my teeth were chattering, and my fingers felt like blocks of ice. I’d never been so cold in my entire, admittedly very sheltered, 17 years of life. I couldn’t feel my butt for hours afterward, and that’s all I could think about while taking the test. So, we’ll see how that turns out.

Another occurrence: our team was in a mandatory community parade this Saturday morning. It was freezing and windy–nothing less than you’d expect from a November parade (whose brilliant idea was that?). We couldn’t wear jackets because we didn’t have anywhere to put them and having part of the team with them and part without would ruin the aesthetic appeal. So, for body warmth, we ended up literally huddling like penguins, which, in my opinion, didn’t give an orderly team image either. But what do I know?

I also got really allergic to the pollen the wind kept blasting into my face. On the bus ride back, I couldn’t stop sneezing, which caused my left eye to water uncontrollably. It was kind of funny because people saw the mascara running down half of my face and thought that I was somehow semi-crying, but at the same time, total misery.

And people ask me why I don’t go outside.

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